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Student Computer Loan Agreement

TJCRS will be issuing a computer for in school use to each student for 2019-20. The student will be assigned a computer number and will be responsible to take good care of the computer equipment.
The student will use the computer for educational purposes only for use with the Shalomlearning curriculum.
Unethical use of the Internet, email, or any other media will result in student forfeiture of computer use.
Configuration of the hardware equipment and all accompanying software may not be altered, nor can software be copied to or from the computer, or installed on the computer.
Parents/guardians accept financial responsibility for cost related to damage due to purposeful action or gross negligence.
Parents/guardians are required to pay a non---refundable security deposit of $25. The payment must be made prior to the student receiving the laptop.
This student computer loan agreement, which is signed by the parent/guardian, student and staff member of the school, will be kept on file at the school.
We, the undersigned parent/guardian, agree to assume full responsibility for the proper care and educational use of the computer equipment described in this document.
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